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June 09, 2009

This and that...

Damn...I spent a good forty minutes writing an entry and somehow managed to erase it all before publishing it. Really, it is that kind of day.

Yesterday, I bought a ticket back to the US to see my sister and niece (she just graduated from high school! woo hoo), but apparently I have messed up the dates, so who knows what I will do now. I have today to think about it. Timing is not my strong point.

I should have plenty of time to do that, because there are no waves today...so no surfing, and unfortunately, no back up plan. In the past, I would go work out, but I quit my gym in Tokyo. I was going up there less and less and it became harder for me to justify the monthly cost and train fare. Having said that, I will be in Tokyo for three of the next four days, so maybe I should have waited. Again, that whole timing thing is beyond me.

The beach bars open in ten days! Woo hoo! I had an early taste on Sunday. I was at the coffee shop next to the station when a friend called to say she was invited to a BBQ in Zushi and asked if I wanted to go. Since she called from the station, I met her right away and we went down to the beach. I got to drink beer and throw a football around, so I was happy.

Posted by Kirk on June 9, 2009 08:29 AM