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June 17, 2009

Rainy Season

Last week was the official start of rainy season in Japan. That is the translation commonly used, but it is a bit confusing because it does not rain all day, every day...in fact, the average monthly rainfall is higher in the Fall than it is now. But, it does rain (or look like it is going to rain) a lot more than April or May, so there you go.

Last night, there was an absolutely fantastic thunder storm. I turned out all the lights in my apartment and for an hour or so watched the lightning flash. It was so close that you could not only hear, but feel, the thunder. That was cool.

The end of rainy season is the beginning of summer, and that is not confusing. Around July 20th, it gets super hot and humid and stays that way for two months. That sucks if you live and work in Tokyo, but the hot weather also means onshore winds by the beach, so in Zushi it is much more bearable.

And if you get too hot, there are always the beach bars, which I have mentioned a million times on this blog. They open in two days, in case you were wondering. By some amazing bit of luck, Zushi beach bars open two weeks before the rest of the beaches in the area. So, come on down if you have time. I am heading off to San Diego in two weeks, so you better hurry.

Posted by Kirk on June 17, 2009 10:31 PM