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May 28, 2009

Rainy surf day

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By last night, I figured there would not be much surfing this week. On Monday through Wednesday, there were hardly any waves at all in Shichirigahama and Kugenuma was really, really small. I did go on Tuesday, but there was not much surfing to be done. And this morning, I checked the conditions at 6:30am and there was still no action.

So, I was a bit surprised later in the morning when I found out that some big swells were coming through. Needless to say, I went to the beach. The conditions were really good, but I was not at my best. Having said that, I did enjoy it even though it's cold and raining today. On the plus side, the ocean really warmed up, so much so that it was better to be in the water than standing on the beach.

Anyway, after I finished surfing (falling over), I took a few pictures of the people still in the water surfing. One good thing about the conditions today is that most everyone out there was serious, and therefore, really talented and fun to watch.

Although it does not do it justice, here are a few surfing pictures:

shichi3 (2).JPG

shichi3 (3).JPG

And I took this while I was driving the train back to Kamakura afterwards. Don't know why they let me do that, ha ha. Actually, I was sitting in the coveted forward-most seat, a first for me. Sometimes, I love that train!


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May 26, 2009

Oh...summer is almost here!

Well, I went out to the beach this morning only to find that they have started building the beach bars already. Actually, the Zushi Beach bars open on June 19th this year (beach houses still open on the traditional July 1st)...That is early! It is probably going to be raining everyday, but that is OK. I am not complaining!

I did not take my camera out this morning, so here is a website link instead. One of the more famous bars is Otodama Sea Studio, which is actually a live house with a dance floor. I have never been, but maybe I will go this year.

Or maybe not...

But I will be hanging out on the beach every so often, so please come and visit. Specifically, I think that the Zushi fireworks show will be in August this year, not July. So many changes, it is making my head spin. Anyway, I will keep you informed.

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May 19, 2009

Got my mojo back!

So, I went surfing again today. And, this time it was much better. The waves were a bit smaller, but a nicer shape and I rode a longboard today. I had a few really good rides and I didn't explore the reef with my head, so it all turned out OK. I am very happy about that!

I took this picture a couple of days ago from a restaurant/cafe in Shichirigahama. Nice view of Enoshima, so I thought I would share it. Actually, I also took some photos of other people surfing today, but they did not really come out too well. Oops.


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May 18, 2009

Lots of surfing or what passes for it

I should probably create a new category for surfing, because that is all I have been doing recently and, therefore, all I have to write about.

I have been trying to go as much as possible since Golden Week and it seems like I have been making progress. I have been reading the waves better, my timing has improved, and usually I am putting my feet where they should go, so I don't immediately fall off. Naturally, I am happy with that.

Well, until today that is! I managed to cut open my foot (not serious) and lose my contact lenses. Today being the first time for both and probably because I spent more time tumbling in front of the waves than riding on them. I just felt out of sync all day. In terms of getting better, it always seems like it is two steps forward and one step back. Today was the step back. On the other hand, a month ago I would never have considered going in with conditions like today's, so I suppose that is progress of a sort. And it was fun, even if I was spending most of time tumbling through the surf.

And, yes, if there are waves I am going again tomorrow.

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May 06, 2009

Get back to work!

The title is for all of you in Japan that have to go to work tomorrow after having almost week off. Yes, it is the end of the Golden Week holiday. I went to the surf shop everyday. It was not so wonderful the last few days because it is raining and that kind of puts a damper on things. Not the surfing...I mean you are in the water already, so as long as the wind is not blowing a little rain doesn't really matter. But, no one really wants to hang around at the surf shop when it is all wet, so some of the social element is missing.

Unfortunately, I also think I have come down with a cold. I am congested and sneeze a lot, which I hear are good indications. In any case, I am ready for more sunny days.

Speaking of which, here is a picture of surfing at Shichirigahama. I took it last week, but the conditions were about the same today. Well, except that it is raining today. And I was in the water and not on shore taking a picture.

042609 a (5).JPG

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