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April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day or something like that

I am always caught out by April Fool's Day, so it is a good thing I live in Japan, where the tradition for playing practical jokes on your friends, colleagues or family is not really celebrated.

In fact, this is a very serious day as it is the beginning of the fiscal year. That means that many people are starting fresh, maybe in new jobs (well, probably not this year) and classes. In addition, there are always changes in various rules/regulations etc/ For example, from today smoking has been completely banned in railway stations in the Tokyo area (which apparentrly extends all the way to Zushi). The newspapers also publish a big roundup of what to expect, but I haven't looked so I really can't tell you anything else. In any case, I am not starting a new job or going to school, so this is a fairly typical day for me. Having said that, I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning and upgrading some of the things at home. I am quite pleased how things turned out.

The weather has slowly been getting warmer and I have been spending a lot of time outside. I have been surfing a few times, which is good as I REALLY need the practice. I feel like I am getting worse as time goes by. Then again, I do like being in the water even if it is because I can't stay up on my board. Oh, did I mention I bought a board and wet suit?

One thing I have not been doing is taking pictures, as you may have noticed. This is prime cherry blossom season, but I think I will take a break from taking photos of that this year. There are 127 million people already out there snapping away and I dount one more person will make a difference.

Ha! The one other major thing I did was lose my mobile phone. I know I lost it on the train: as usual, I was on a late train from Tokyo and fell asleep. When I realised I had missed my stop, I got off as soon as I could. Without my phone. The annoying thing is that I knew right away and went straight to lost and found to see what they could do.Which was nothing...in case you were wondering. I also went three times the next day, but they said no one had turned it in, so I was pretty much out of luck. I ended up shelling out 40,000 yen for a new one. The hardest part was losing nine years of phone numbers/addresses stored in the phone. The good news is that it has been found after all and I can pick it up if I go to Atami Police Station. I always wanted to go to Atami and I can think of very few things nicer than spending a few hours on the train to visit a police station. Of course, I will probably oversleep on another train and end up there anyway, so no need to make special plans!

Posted by Kirk on April 1, 2009 01:45 PM