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March 02, 2009

Hey! It's cold!

What happened to Spring? I woke up to 7 degree temperatures this morning - not much different than Zushi. To be fair, we have had warm weather most of the time I have been here, although that makes the latest chill that much harder to bear! Fortunately, forecasts call for a return to 20 degree weather by the end of the week. I have my shorts and sandals ready.

Of course, I have been busy. Mostly eating, although we have managed to get over to Wal-Mart twice (Hey Leigh - they said it was your day off!) and the movies twice. We hit the bookstore/coffee shop every day and on Wednesday we are going to see a baseball game. In the meantime, I am also entertaining myself with 24-hour, 75-channel television. What a luxury!! What a waste of time!!

Anyway, I had hoped to write in a lot more detail, but jet-lag must be an issue because I can't seem to think of anything. So, maybe I will try again later...after a few cups of coffee.

Posted by Kirk on March 2, 2009 10:50 PM