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February 24, 2009

Early summer! (Spring?)

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Well, I am off to Florida today. It seems like good timing as it is still pretty cold here in Zushi. We had some Spring-like weather earlier in the month, but it seems like a distant memory.

I have a lot to think about it over the next two weeks. Mostly about whether I should stay in Japan. Considering the financial crisis, my chances of getting a job are very slim and I wonder if I need to be here. On the other hand, I am living super cheaply now and having a very good time, so that points to staying. Not an easy choice.

I will be there two weeks! I am not taking my laptop, but I may buy one, so if I do then I will blog from there.

In the meantime, this is a surfing picture. I took it at Shichirigahama last weekend. That is where I go surfing now. OH! I bought a surfboard too. I just realised I do not have any pictures of it. Anyway...


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February 01, 2009

Superb weather today!

I have probably touched on this subject before, but it is usually very clear and sunny in the winter, especially after a big storm and even more so on a weekend when there is less road travel throwing up a lot of pollution. Fortunately, that is exactly the situation today.

So, here is ANOTHER picture of Mt. Fuji. I must have the world's biggest collection of Fuji photos taken from Zushi beach! This is worth posting, however.


Anyway, I haven't been doing much. I thought about going surfing today, but it is probably super crowded so I will wait until tomorrow. That should be nice. In the meantime, I have a question: is it just me, or is this winter warmer than last year? It seems to be, but I wonder if that is because I moved down here to Zushi and the more easily heated apartment. I thought about that because last year I was so happy to escape to my sister's place in Florida for a week. I liked that so much I am doing it again later this month.

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