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January 29, 2009

Back to normal!

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Anyone working in the financial markets is excused for thinking this is just another in the long list of blogs declaring an end to the financial mayhem we have witnessed over the last twelve months; that falling asset values have finally bottomed and a return to the credit-fueled good times is on hand.

I wish that were true, but what I really wanted to say is that my sprained ankle is substantially healed and I am feeling better. By popular request, I also wanted to knock that ugly picture of my foot of the front of the blog.

Last week, I started running again and I even tempted fate by returning to the softball field last Saturday. Happily, I survived the experience intact and am ready to get back to what I was doing before. Which is...a good question. Because I am not really sure what I should be doing. I will think on it and get back to you.

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January 05, 2009

Inauspicious beginning

Today is the first "business" day of the new year. Not that it matters to me, heh heh, but does mark a return to normalcy after the long new year's holiday.

I prepared for today by doing something nasty to my ankle while playing softball yesterday. Besides being extremely painful at first, it was incredibly frustrating because I had been looking forward to playing all weekend and we had reserved the field for SIX hours. I made it through two and spent the rest of the time with my foot up on a bench watching everyone else have fun. Anyway, the ankle is bruised and swollen up like a balloon, but it does not hurt so much anymore and I think a couple of days on the couch with it elevated, iced and wrapped should put me back on track.

My ugly foot

And if not, well, I noticed this morning that the slow, stumbling pace (kind of a hopping, foot-dragging walking style) while taking my garbage to the bins is STILL faster than some of my neighbours'.

Which illustrates just how clever I was to leave big, busy Tokyo for the countryside. Living on your savings and needing an hour to walk the 500m to the grocery store is normal here.

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January 01, 2009

Hello 2009

Happy new year!

First off, when I said that a million Zushi Beach sunset pictures was enough, I was wrong. So, I went out this afternoon and took this one.


The beach was super crowded again. They should sell tickets! Wait...that is a bad idea. Never mind.

Anyway, I went up to Tokyo for New Year's Eve and like last year I watched the show at Alfie's. Unfortunately, this time I had much less patience for the after midnight set (compared to last year when I could walk home as opposed to the one and a half hours it takes to get home from Roppongi now), so I left before they finished. Despite that, I didn't get back here until 4:30am...not exactly the way I wanted to start the new year off. Then again, I only had one drink after midnight, so I more tired than anything and there is not much to do in Japan on New Years Day. So, maybe I should have stayed?

Well, here's hoping that 2009 is a good year!

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