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January 01, 2009

Hello 2009

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Happy new year!

First off, when I said that a million Zushi Beach sunset pictures was enough, I was wrong. So, I went out this afternoon and took this one.


The beach was super crowded again. They should sell tickets! Wait...that is a bad idea. Never mind.

Anyway, I went up to Tokyo for New Year's Eve and like last year I watched the show at Alfie's. Unfortunately, this time I had much less patience for the after midnight set (compared to last year when I could walk home as opposed to the one and a half hours it takes to get home from Roppongi now), so I left before they finished. Despite that, I didn't get back here until 4:30am...not exactly the way I wanted to start the new year off. Then again, I only had one drink after midnight, so I more tired than anything and there is not much to do in Japan on New Years Day. So, maybe I should have stayed?

Well, here's hoping that 2009 is a good year!

Posted by Kirk on January 1, 2009 03:56 PM