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October 31, 2008

A little day trip

I finally made it to Nokogiriyama (鋸山) in Chiba...I have been meaning to go for such a long time, but have never made it. And on Wednesday, I woke up and thought about what I would do and it just came to me in a flash...this was my big opportunity to go there. So, I did.

It is not too far from where I live actually. A 20 minute train ride to Kurihama, followed by 40 minutes on the Tokyo Bay Ferry and a 15 minute walk from the station got me there. And I took the ropeway instead of walking up...much quicker!

You are probably asking yourself what is the big deal about Nokogiriyama...well, it has the largest stone Buddha in Japan! 31 meters tall! Woo!


It was an exciting day. On the ferry, there was some filming going on...there were three presumably famous local talents making weird faces and hamming it up for the cameras. I kept my distance. One of the entourage kept throwing bits of bread off the side of the boat to attract the seagulls and also a hawk...that is her below. But the highlight of the trip had to be the big LNG carrier. It was huge!

IMG_1867.JPG IMG_1876.JPG

At Nokogiriyama, I walked around for about 90 minutes. It is worth a visit if you have the chance. Actually, it is really a great view from the top and you can see Mt. Fuji behind Miura Peninsula (which is where I live). It was sort of visible when I went, but the pictures didn't really do it justice. Here are some less interesting photos instead.

IMG_1895.JPG IMG_1911.JPG

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