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July 31, 2008

Zushi Fireworks 2008

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Like I mentioned, yesterday was ANOTHER beach day including the Zushi Fireworks show. Despite the first signs of rain in what seemed like forever, it came off as planned. It was really comfortable sitting on the beach...maybe it was 75-80 degrees and a nice wind was blowing.

Actually, I went to Hayama during the day. i took this picture of a small beach yakisoba stand in front of the Imperial grounds. I did not eat there or anything, but it is one of the few things I had yet to take a picture of, so there you go.


We went back to the train station around 4pm and there were already loads of people heading to Zushi Beach to save their spot for watching the fireworks. As a result, I rushed back home and grabbed my beach gear and went out to find a place. From nowhere, this summer storm appeared, but no one seemed daunted as you can see below.

IMG_1566.JPG IMG_1576.JPG

Eventually, we all settled in. And the fireworks were awesome. It all seemed to be very close. I have never taken a good picture of fireworks, but this should give you an idea of how it looked.


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July 30, 2008

Summer plans

I am off to London next week! my original thought was to break up the usually miserably humid summer, but that was before I realised just how much more comfortable summer could be outside of Tokyo. It helps that I can pop over to the beach for a swim whenever I get too warm, but the main reason is the breeze off the ocean which seems to take the edge of the humidity.

Tonight is also the Zushi Fireworks and I am really looking forward to that. Last year, we watched it from the rooftop of my building, but this time around I am going to go the beach early and save a spot. I hope it all comes off OK. I am heading over at 5pm, which is almost three hours beforehand, so that should give me plenty of time.

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July 28, 2008

Hayama Fireworks

I went to watch the Hayama fireworks tonight. Even better, I watched from Zushi Beach so I only had to walk two minutes to get there. I am sure Hayama was crowded, but there were probably only 20-30 people on the beach around me and five people in the beach bar I went to. So, it was very relaxed and a good warmup for the Zushi Beach fireworks on Wednesday. That will be crowded.

I really like fireworks. And bars on the beach.

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July 25, 2008

Did you really want to hear from me?


I took this at the beach yesterday. It is not really a big deal for me because I have been going everyday this summer, but I talked to Yoko the other day and she said I should update this. So...this is for all of you that are sitting in your cubicles reading this. I thought you might want to see what you are missing.

It really has been a lovely summer so far. There was hardly any rain in rainy season and despite the sun being out everyday it has not been unbearably hot. Well, at least not on the beach! Maybe being able to go for a swim whenever it suits me helps. Or could it be the cooling ocean breeze?

Well, it is going to be good beach weather this weekend too. I will try to take breeze?

Well, it is going to be good beach weather this weekend too. I will try to take some pictures.

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