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June 07, 2008


Well, it's only been six months since I wrote you something! So, do not be so impatient. Well, obviously a lot has happened in that time. Or, if you will, not happened. For example, I still do not have a job. I am not so happy about that, but then again, I am very relaxed and feeling healthier than I have in years. So...that is good!

As for happening...I am moving at the end of the month. The place I was in was too big and too expensive for someone that isn't working. I knew that when I moved in, but I never expected it would be so difficult to find work again. Anyway, I am 99% sure that I am moving down to Zushi. I've looked at a couple places in Tokyo, but I do not really want to pay another cent in key money...or rent, for that matter.

The downside is I will miss being in Tokyo and living more than an hour away by train kind of limits my ability for spontaneous fun up there. And, of course, it is much harder to get back to Zushi after a night out. Another surprisingly sad thing is having to get rid of all my furniture!! Maybe I will put it in storage. In any case, I think I am ready to try it out.

Posted by Kirk on June 7, 2008 12:39 PM