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June 25, 2008

Moving Day!

I am moving today! Actually, I am in Zushi now, waiting for the moving company to bring my stuff. They are eating at the restaurant across the street now!

I will be glad when the whole process is finished. I spent the last week slowly going through and packing everything to make sure I would throw away the things that I did not need. Since the Zushi pad is half the size of my Tokyo apartment, it was necessary. It was kind of sad to see a lot of the stuff that I had collected over the last eight years get thrown away. Which reminds me, this is exactly eight years! I guess I should write about that separately.

Anyway, I hate packing and I hate moving, so this has been a real trial. But it is almost over and if I move back to Tokyo, none of the things here will be moved up there! So, hopefully, this is my last move in Japan!

Speaking of which, I have one year left on my visa and actually I am not really sure of that because I have no idea what the local city office will say when I tell them I have no job. They tend to frown on that in Japan for some reason. We'll see.

Posted by Kirk on June 25, 2008 12:44 PM