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December 28, 2007

Mt. Fuji from Zushi Beach

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A view like this is one of the reasons I like going down to the beach. I took this a few weeks ago...just getting around to posting it now. That is not too bad considering it took me almost two years to show you the picture of the salt house.


Anyway, I stayed in Japan for the holiday this year. That is OK because I was in San Diego in October and I will go again in February. My sister and her husband are in Florida for the next four months, so it is a good opportunity for a winter visit! Speaking of holidays, I have really wanted to head down to a warm tropical beach lately.

Instead, I am going back down to Zushi tonight. Not really tropical this time of year, but it is much easier to get to.

I have been thinking of things I want to do in 2008. Maybe next time I write something here, I will show you the list. Probably, I should figure it out in my own head first.

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December 06, 2007

Lovely Fall day

Some people might be surprised to hear me say that Fall is my favorite time of year. I know that probably half of the posts on this blog are about the beach, which is a summer place, but nothing beats a sunny fall day when the temperature is crisp and cool with the leaves changing colors and lots of them on the ground so that you can run through them and make a real mess.

Today was a day like that and it was absolutely lovely.

We went to Meiji Shrine in the morning and also walked around Yoyogi Park a bit. Did I ever mention that one of the coffee places I like to go is at the entrace to Meiji Shrine. In Fall and Winter, they close off part of the patio and warm it up with this giant heater. I should have taken a picture of it...it is very cool.

Anyway, here is some fall colors for you:


Those guys standing around look to have spent the night there. Great view when you wake up, but probably it is a bit TOO cold to make sleeping there worth while.

This picture is by the fountains in the middle of the park. I was surprised to realise that it had been three months since I headed over there. I remember sitting on one of the benches sweating like crazy. Weird.


I have a lot on my mind recently. For example, where am I going to take my next holiday. Or even more acute...what am I going to do tomorrow afternoon while the rest of you are working! Hmmm, I won't go into too much detail. In any case, it was great to get out today.

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