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October 25, 2007

My timing is still good!

Well, I got back to Tokyo yesterday. It is good to be home, especially as San Diego is on fire. You may have noticed, at least if you read English language news.

We were in Imperial Beach so there was never any danger and we did not need to evacuate. But, the giant ash plumes did put a damper on the whole holiday thing. It was very surreal.

Here are a couple pictures...I have more from the good part of the holiday, which I will post later. I am feeling a bit jet laggy and want to go get a coffee.

This is in Imperial Beach at around 4pm on Sunday...that is the pier in the background.


And this is from the plaza in front of the pier looking west on Monday morning. You can see the edge of the plume from the Harris fire. When we went farther north later in the day, it cleared up a bit. Apparently, it is much worse now than it was, so it is probably a good thing that we left on Tuesday.


For the sake of comparison, this is what the sky looked like the day before the fires.


Posted by Kirk on October 25, 2007 09:21 AM