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August 12, 2007

I can hardly wait!

I have had a busy week! One of the things I did was head down to Ikea yesterday. That place is amazing...really. We spent something like three hours there and I am sure we did not see everything.

It is down in Yokohama and after the big shopping experience I had some free time so I continued on to Zushi to get some more pictures of the flat. It is really coming out well now!


Well, it is a little messy still, but not bad. On the left, you can see the tile has been put in. I took this about 4:30pm - the sun shining in is lovely.

I also got to see the lighting scheme for the first time, as well as the entrance and the bath. There are things still to be done, but it should be ready soon.

Once it is all finished, I will do a before-and-after entry...I have about 300 pictures of the place, so I need some time to sort through them first. Here are some of the latest ones...these two are taken from the living room.

IMG_0639.JPG IMG_0643.JPG

These are pictures of the living room taken from the kitchen (L) and the bedroom (R).

IMG_0646.JPG IMG_0669.JPG

Finally, the entrance and the bath...

IMG_0660.JPG IMG_0656.JPG

Posted by Kirk on August 12, 2007 10:01 AM