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July 29, 2007

Summer is here (Enoshima and Kamakura)

Well, I was lazy on Friday and skipped school. Instead, I went to the beach. Surprised? Actually, the plan was to watch Zushi fireworks from my the roof of my new apartment block, but I went early...about seven hours early.

So, I got off the train in Ofuna on a whim and ended up taking the Shonan Monorail to Enoshima. That is such a cool train. I imagine it looks pretty ugly from the ground, but you do not really see the skyline-destroying metal track from inside the train. It is VERY quick...13 minutes. Enoshima never seemed so close.

Anyway, it was crowded as you can see from the picture below.


I spent an hour or so there before moving on to Kamakura. I took the train part of the way...actually, I love the Enoden Line, but more for the sightseeing then the trasport...I got off at Inamuragaseki and walked the rest of the way. The bars on these two beachs are absolutely incredible...I can't believe they are only there two months out of the year. Here is a convenience store...as you can see it is not a stand at all!


There is also West Park Cafe and China Quick Resort, as well as the MTV Cafe. Quite fancy...

Posted by Kirk on July 29, 2007 05:35 PM