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July 08, 2007

Back to Japan (and Hayama)

So, I am back home. The flight was miserable, but never mind that. I have not done very much since I got back. It is also weird, because I have not really met up with anyone either. The same thing used to happen when I was working, but I always assumed it was because I was away for six weeks, not six days.

Anyway, I went down to the beach to check on the apartment (more on that next entry) and to see if I could squeeze come beach time in if the weather was good. And it was.

So, here are some pictures, including the obligatory one of the Blue Moon, first of the year!


As you can see it was very crowded, even though the beach itself was absolutely empty. I found out later that it is because most of the guests were there for a wedding party. Despite that, I got a table in front so that I could sit back, drink a beer and enjoy the ocean. And like always, I intended to have just one, but stayed for four.

Here are some other shots, starting with my first view of the beach coming in, a view from my seat, a tanabata tree and also some hula lessons on the beach. It was fun.

IMG_0229.JPG IMG_0232.JPG IMG_0233.JPG IMG_0234.JPG

I still left at a reasonable hour and was home by 10pm. Not sure why, since I had nothing to do. Maybe I should have stayed longer. I am really looking forward to my apartment being done, so I can skip the two-hour train ride home!

Posted by Kirk on July 8, 2007 02:14 PM