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June 18, 2007

Apartment renovation time!

I have been running around like crazy recently! The good news is that the apartment is mine...signed, sealed and delivered! And today is the first day of the renovation process. So, I thought it might be a good time to put some photos up, since it will be looking a lot different soon.

First of all, I should mention this is a 60 square meter 3DK (if you are outside Japan, that means it is 3 bedrooms with a dining room and a kitchen). I am turning it into a 2LDK: 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. But, it is not a standard design, so it will look a lot different. In short, I have made the rooms smaller and allocated that space to the kitchen and living room.

I should scan something in the computer and post it, but feeling a bit lazy at the moment...sorry.

Anyway, some pictures of the apartment as I bought it. It has already changed...the walls and interior are being gutted between now and Wednesday. I will go down Thursday to take some pictures of the "shell" of the building. Cool, right?


This is taken from the middle of the apartment looking towards the (small, small) balcony. You can see the outline of the shoji (paper screen) walls in the middle and on top. What you cannot see is the tatami mats under the brown floor - nice, but I do not need them. This will be the living room in the new design.


This photo was taken from the same spot, but at a slightly different angle. It shows more of the other room. The wall to the left is a big closet and it is being torn out. That will be part of the kitchen. Speaking of which, this is what is there now.

may07 029.jpg

How someone could cook anything there, I have no idea. Anyway, you can safely assume that the pink tile on the wall will be gone. Unfortunately, I have to keep the sink and stove where they are, but that whole bit is being replaced and it will be taller.

Here are a few more pictures...the back bedroom, which will be turned into a guest room and the lovely light fixture it came with.

apartment1.jpg awful lamp.jpg

There is a wall to the right that separates this room from the entrance hallway. That will change somewhat - more on that later. That pink lighting fixture is going to be somebody's birthday present. Keep it mind...

Posted by Kirk on June 18, 2007 07:00 PM