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May 13, 2007

Busy weekend

OK...I know it has been a LONG LONG time since I updated this. I seem to write that sentence a lot, but this time I mean it. I got back from Thailand at the beginning of April and this is the middle of May. Well, what can I say? I have been busy.

I started going to language school again and there is not really too much to write about as a result. Hmm, maybe that is a poor excuse.

In any case, it has been an eventful weekend so let me tell you about it. On Friday, I went down to Zushi to look at apartments and I think I have found one...and maybe two. I am going to put an offer on one Monday. It is close to the beach, but cheap. It needs a lot of renovation, so it is perfect for me: why do something easily, when there is a difficult way to do it?

By the way, here are a few pictures of Zushi Beach. I love it down there, but you probably are well aware of that already.

may07 002.jpg may07 003.jpg

I will know by the end of the week whether I got the apartment. At the very least, I get to make another trip down there. I hope it is on Friday because I need to get into the routine of escaping the city for the weekend.

Last Friday was funny. After I left the real estate agent, I did not know whether to stay down in Zushi for dinner and a drink or two, or to come back to Tokyo. I had been speaking Japanese all day, so I did not really want to meet new people and chat, but all I had were schoolbooks, so I had nothing to occupy my attention while eating and drinking. So, I went for a drink anyway.

As soon as I ordered my beer, Jeremy called to see if I was up for dinner. That was cool, so I said I would head back to Tokyo right away. But, as I hung up the phone, a jazz musician came into the bar, set up and started playing. Now I was torn, because I could easily imagine myself spending a few hours listening to him. That is why I want to go back next Friday.

Moving oin, I went for a long bike ride Saturday...two hours at least, and that has to be the first time I really have done that. I felt great afterwards. But strangely, as I walked around my apartment later, I heard a loud "pop" from my knee and now it is a bit sore. Really, I hate getting old.

Despite the injury I worked through the pain and met Kaz and Kuniko to watch baseball at Tokyo Dome. The Giants were playing the Chunichi Dragons. Here are some pictures...I am sure you noticed there is not much baseball, but there are quite a few of the beer girls. They are amazing.

They carry a tank of beer on their back and go through the stands selling it. One of them told us that it weighs 13kg fully loaded and part of their salary depends on how many beers they sell...so they have to run around a bit. Lovely, energetic and they bring the beer right to your seat. Considering all that, I have to ask myself why I do not go to the baseball game everyday.

may07 006.jpg may07 008.jpg

may07 007.jpg may07 013.jpg

Oh, by the way, the Tokyo Giants lost. In fact, by the time we had got to our seats they were already losing 3-0. But it was still fun for us. And Kaz taught me some interesting baseball terms in Japanese.

満塁(まんるい)means the "bases are loaded"。

And batting averages are described using 割り(わり)分(ぶ)厘(りん)。 Actually, one of my Japanese teachers had started to describe this but I did not understand at the time, so I asked Kaz to help me out. To give an example, a .321 batting average is 3割2分1厘。I am writing this here, because I know I will forget and I want to look it up again.

Well after the game, we had a light dinner at Torishige in Azabu Juban. It was very good and a nice way to end the evening.

So, how is that for a long entry?! I am really proud of myself.

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