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April 03, 2007

Someone explain this to me

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Kahuna: did your parents present approve? fuzz: dad was gone, and mom wasnt gently sure at especially a guess my choice since my fianc

I came back to Tokyo today. Why is it 9 degrees (43F)?

Unbelievable. It is April and this goes beyond the whole "I was at a tropical beach where it was 90 degrees" thing.

Anyway, it is mostly good to be back, even if the flight back drove me crazy. The in-flight movie was Charlotte's Web and I was surrounded by people with children that they could not/would not control. The flight attendants were crap. I was seeing red.

Here are a few more pictures from Koh Samui. On the left, that cat picture I mentioned before. On the right, "Three Monkeys" coasters sitting out to dry. I do like monkeys.

sam 082.jpg sam 085.jpg

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April 02, 2007

The dream is over

Well, this will be a short entry. I wrote a very long clever entry, but somehow I lost it as I got close to finishing. Really, that is so annoying.

In any case, I am in Bangkok now, but only at the airport Novotel, which is a bit too business-inspired for my tastes. I have a 730am flight, however, and this is ten minutes from the check-in desk, so there you go.

I had a good last day on the beach. I took a tour of the island, followed by lunch, coffee and a foot reflexology thing. A MANLY foot reflexology thing.

Here is one last beach picture, taken from Chaweng Noi looking north. That beach in the distance is where I spent all of my time.

sam 048.jpg

Anyway, my three-hour island tour (by car, not boat, for any of you getting attacks of the Gilligan's Island theme) also included grandfather rock and an elephant park. By the way Glenn, when they say grandfather, i think they mean 'todger'. What do you think? The guide asked if he could take a picture of me next to it, but I said hell no.

sam 052.jpg sam 063.jpg

Anyway, we also drove through the other towns on the island and finished near Big Buddha Beach, which I had always known as the place I wanted to go watch the sun set, but apparently it is famous for this, well, Big Buddha. That's below, along with this many-armed thing. I am not up on my Buddhist stuff, so I cannot tell you what it is. To be fair, ny guide did explain a lot of this to me, but that was hours ago and I have forgot most of it.

sam 078.jpg sam 080.jpg

I thought I would finish with some pictures of Chaweng Loop Road. On the left, you can see McDonald's (the guide says he won't eat there, but KFC is OK because they have chicken...he also says it is also too pricey for most people). On the right is Tropical Murphy's, which I mentioned in a previous post. Although I may have skipped describing the whole process of finding a suitable beer to drink by sampling every kind they had. It was a lot of work. As for today, I went there for a coffee and read my book.

sam 086.jpg sam 087.jpg

I took a ton of pictures and I will try and post a few more over the next few days...once I am back home. I have a really cute one of a cat at the buddhist temple, but after my spa admission, I think I better save that one for next time.

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