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February 14, 2007

Rain Man

I really have to accept the idea that I am weather-impaired (weather-challenged? unlucky?).

What you need to know is that I agreed to meet Kaz at 8pm tonight for dinner and a few drinks. There was a terrific storm, so I was a bit wary about going out, but weather is not really a good reason to cancel your plans, so off I went.

As I left the apartment it did not seem so bad, but before I had walked the 100 metres to a place I could grab a taxi the rain was coming down so hard that I could hardly see. You know those sudden downpours where the raindrops bouncing up off the road make it look like you are walking through a series of fountains? Where the rain is so thick that you can SEE the wind as it blows towards you? It was just like that.

Needless to say, I was absolutely soaked by the time I got into a taxi (and the rest of the night for that matter!) Can I find comofrt in knowing that all of Tokyo suffered with me. Well, no. By the time I got to the restaurant (ten minutes later) it had stopped raining. And you wonder why I think I have a personal rain problem.

I know this because it is not the first time.

I lived in New York before moving to Tokyo and one night I had a similar experience. At that time, a rare hurricane was forecast to hit the city. This was really exciting and I made plans to meet a friend at a bar with big windows so that we could watch it all unfold.

The storm was forecast to hit around 10pm or so, so I set off around 7:30pm even though the rain had already started. It was a good twenty minute walk with heavy rain and a wind so strong that the it felt like someone was standing in front of me with a fire house. But, I spent every second fighting my way through, comforting myself with the knowledge that it would only get worse and therefore be much more spectacular later, from the inside, with a drink in my hand.

It stopped raining before I could even finish my first beer.

Posted by Kirk on February 14, 2007 10:25 PM