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February 09, 2007

JLPT - I passed!

Did I mention I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Level 3) in December last year? Well, I did. And, yesterday, I finally got the results.

I am quite pleased.

After the test, I felt confident about my score, but it is nice to be sure. Actually, I was super confident just after the test, but I started to worry more and more as time went on. But, I got 346 out of 400 points, which is 87%! That is even better than the results from the practice tests I took beforehand.

Of course, I have probably forgot about half of the Japanese I knew since then. I did not re-enroll this term because of various things I had to take care of. I told myself I could motivate myself to study at home by myself, but without the urgency of deadlines for homework etc, I am really not pushing myself. Well, there is always tomorrow.

Posted by Kirk on February 9, 2007 09:04 AM