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January 09, 2007

Zushi beach sunset

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This is one of those pictures that seems so great on the camera, but loses its appeal when you download it. I was terrible excited on my way home from Zushi yesterday because the beach was so lovely. Still, it is blog-worthy, so here you go. But you should know it was much better in person.

meiji 043.jpg

Anyway, I went down to Zushi/Hayama for the first time this year to look at apartments to buy. I arrived early for my appointment, but instead of walking to the beach I went to Starbucks and read my book...I figured I would hit the beach afterward.

The quick rainstorm did not figure into my plans at all. As I finished up with the real estate agent I could hear this "plink...plink" sound but was totally baffled at what it could be. But, it was quick...no rain at all when I got out and walked. Just the ominous clouds. Mt. Fuji was visible barely, but none of this snaps turned out. Did I ever mention how much I like Zushi and Hayama?

Posted by Kirk on January 9, 2007 08:44 AM