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December 06, 2006

Lovely winter days in Tokyo

I have been carrying my camera around with me for the first time in a long while, so I took some pictures. This time of year is really nice in Tokyo - it's very bright, although the trade off is that is not very warm. (If you are in London - ha ha).

Anyway, I walked through Azabu Juban with one of my classmates Sharan after school today and ended up on a road that I had never been on before. This is right behind Roppongi Hills, which really seems to stand out against a cloudless sky. Here are a few pictures:

1106 101.jpg 1106 105.jpg

To balance the old and the new, I also got pictures of a sake shop and a temple entrance. These have no signifcance to me whatsoever, except that I happened to walk by them for the first time today. It seems like a nice street.

1106 102.jpg 1106 103.jpg

Japanese class - arggghhhh

There was a passing reference to school up there, so let me follow up. The semester is ending next week, which is good because I am really burned out on studying. I feel like I am not learning anything, but someone told me that is when you are learning the most. (or did I just make that up to feel better about the whole situation?).

I felt like this at the end of the last two semesters and later noticed the improvement, but it is not much comfort when I am in class flailing away without understanding.

On a positive note, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test was last Sunday and I feel fairly confident that I passed Level 3. We find out in February.

I have to decide whether to keep going or not...my school is 40 minutes away and it seems a bit too far for three hours a day and there are a lot of schools around here. Fortunately, I do not have to decide today.

I am off to Echigo Yuzawa for a quick overnight trip tomorrow (woo hoo!). You might remember that I went last April and it was fantastic. Yuzawa had its first snow this last weekend, so I am looking forward to seeing that.

And I will head over to my sister Terri's in the US in two weeks and stay through Christmas. That should also be fun. (It better be fun Terri, heh heh)

Posted by Kirk on December 6, 2006 03:45 PM