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November 28, 2006

How not to wake up in the morning

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Coffee? Shower? Invigorating walk around the neighborhood?

No. No. No.

How about a bird flying into the living room window instead?

I was sitting in my couch when, all of the sudden, there is a tremendous BANG and a cloud of white feathers floating away from the window. Not a big deal unless you are two feet away.

As startled as I am, I imagine the bird is feeling worse.

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November 26, 2006


OK, I am back! It has only been a month since I updated this...that is not so long, right? Anyway, I finally got my Internet connection at home a few weeks ago, so I really have no excuse for not updating this. Except that I had a ton of pictures on my camera and I did not want to take the time to upload them to my laptop. It is always something, right?

But I finally did that tonight.

So, here are a few pictures taken from the new place over the last three weeks. In this one, you can see Roppongi Hills on the right and Motoazabu Hills on the left.

1106 032.jpg

This next picture is a celebration at a restaurant behind my apartment. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, aren't they? The building in the background is Ebisu Garden Place.

1106 029.jpg

The last picture is sunset, looking in the same direction. One of the great things about the apartment is that the sun shines into the living room all afternoon. It is lovely.

1106 043.jpg

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