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October 24, 2006

Almost to the other side

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I have been very busy the last few months, mostly trying to find a new place to live. I am not going to get into the difficulties of doing that in Japan...maybe after I have moved and settled in. I didn't comment on it while it was going on, so no reason to start now!

Anyway, I am moving to a new place on Thursday after six years living where I am now. Suprisingly, that is the longest period I have ever spent in one place except for the house I grew up in (nine years) and that was a very long time ago.

So, I am really going to miss it here. Now that I am moving, I can tell you that I lived in Akasaka Tameike Tower in central Tokyo. It is (was) very convenient to everything and the front-desk staff here treated me so well, I do not know how I will live without them. Plus...six years! You can learn a lot about a neighbourhood when you spend that much time in it. I did not have a choice in the move, unfortunately, the landlord here only accepts corporate leases and I am unemployed.

By the way...I am staying in Tokyo. I really considering making a move to Hayama (see the previous one million entries), but I couldn't make it work. I am still feeling the pain, but it should be easy enough to keep going down by train and I have the agent down there on the lookout for any interesting places that come up for sale.

That is about it, really. I think I will be in a better position to update this once I have moved. There have been countless times since August when I sat here thinking of something to write and the frustration percolated and bubbled over, giving me writer's block, or tempting me to rant and rave about any number of ridiculous things. I opted for Spider Solitaire and a bit of TV instead.

On a more administrative note, I have to change ISPs, which means no home access or e-mail address for the next week or so (and, therefore no comments).

I will post some pics of the new place when I get up and running again - you will like it!

Posted by Kirk on October 24, 2006 04:37 PM