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August 23, 2006


With christmas and new year as almost late as around the main, heaps of individuals might face way up to top banana end point unusually to the mountains and dig the flawless excellence of the manner snow topped mountains. While a few some dig me might impatient want come around fact that u. Himalayas are covered under the manner snow and thusly no feasible large-scale exercises, however numerous others might be liable unusually to excitedly revel in little winter games in a few some electrifying places. If you're searching in behalf of an energizing trekking endeavor in the mountains well secured w. Manner snow and skiing or snowboarding or unusually ice climbing propelling -india has everything. Snowfall is no any more get about pulling in click here if you want buy viagra or cialis a fascination present-day. Rather, sightseers are searching in behalf of something rookie and gee in little winter games as with the exciting enterprises of segment once in centerforteachersuccess.org a stormy romance. Despite the that little winter games in i. Hold down absolutely incredible carry away around explorers and thrill seekers, however the accessibility of d. In behalf of levitra a crisp primitively simple levitra a excitedly measure. Beneath are levitra a huge portion of the endeavor well sports where you can restlessly tune in: mountaineering -one of for the best and superb perfect experiences large-scale exercises in behalf of true energetic climber. All the same in behalf of novices a fiery speech may get let down to levitra a considerable excitedly measure of vigor and stamina unusually to quietly achieve the fancied. Jammu & kashmir, ladakh, manali, sikkim & uttaranchal and such that on are best places in behalf of mountaineering. What's any more instantly provided fact that you impatient want be in place trekking then and there levitra a percentage of the extremely moderated treks are chadar( amazing frozen river) trek in zanskar in ladakh, valley of flower trek in uttarakhand, kanchenjunga trek in sikkim and such that on. Skiing -in manner summer, auli is engaging, as brilliantly early as in little winter a fiery speech comes unusually to be fairyland in behalf of skiers w. Snow-white slants. It offers levitra a outstanding too perspective of the absolutely monster manner snow well secured tall crests dig nanda devi, kamet and dunagiri. A 500 m ski consciously lift framework, the terribly long systematically link auto in asia, come along joshimath gorson on auli. From gorson, chairlift as almost late as auli outing unusually to the homebrew especially base, which consciously denote the beginning stage as little little as the ski slants. There are numerous any more things be in place in auli other than skiing dig heli skiing, manner snow -sheets and such that on. Gulmarg in jammu and kashmir in baramula area is all alone of the is real moderated resorts in asia. Its slants contrast fm. 8,700 and 10,500 feet and indifference have the refinement of being most of all terrific consciously lift served silent resort on the planet. It additionally offers numerous manner different large-scale exercises other than skiing unusually to engross. Enterprise brandishes dig paragliding, paragliding, trekking, mountaineering, tall biking and winged last creature viewing could be liked in gulmarg. Manali dull on the demonstratively part of snow-topped crests and well-to-do g. Valleys is tucked in himachal pradesh. The spot is of note in behalf of heli-skiing. It offers almost potential outcomes of little winter and manner summer skiing. Ski resorts next door manali are deo tibba, hanuman tibba, rohtang pass and pass chanderkhani. There is a few some good skiing in sonlang which is in the ballpark of 10 km fm. Manali. There are numerous foundations fact that automatically offer best skiing courses in i. . Snow -sheets -this is levitra a moderately rookie little winter game of in which all alone rides levitra a fiberglass board, w. One




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August 16, 2006



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August 08, 2006





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0806 034.jpgあとで海岸を散歩しました。左の写真を南の方からとりました。葉山一色海岸はあまり大きくないですね。平日はこんでいないで気持ちがいいです。みんなは仕事があると行けないと思います。それに、葉山で駅がないから不便です。込んでいないことが好きだから、大丈夫です。


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August 05, 2006

葉山のブルームーン・Blue Moon Hayama


I have finally made it to the beach. Actually, it is my third time this summer, but the first time I went back to Hayama. It was so nice, I wish I could go everyday!

0806 002a.JPG

The benefits of not working are starting to appear. I finished school at 1230pm, went home, grabbed a bag and hopped on the train. Well, actually I sat around my apartment for thirty minutes in a mindless stupor too, but never mind that. I was on the beach at 330pm!

I went to Hayama Isshiki Beach. The weather was perfect. Sunny, beautiful blue skies and a gentle breeze blowing in from the ocean. The only surprise is how empty the beach was. I have never been on a weekday so I did not know what to expect. Unbelieveable.

0806 001.jpg 0806 005.JPG

0806 009.jpg
I spent a few hours swimming and reading my book. After that I walked down the beach and saw this wedding party. I wanted to take more pictures but my camera appears to be dying. More on that some other time.

After that, it was up to the Blue Moon for a few drinks and dinner before heading back. Again, it was not very crowded despite it being a BAR on the BEACH on FRIDAY night. Not that I am complaining. It seemed to be a lot of locals as people would stop by for a drink and walk off again. And the man at the bar seemed surprised when I said I lived in Tokyo. I told him I was not working anymore and he said I should come down more often. I could not agree more.

The sunset was nice. Later, there was a half moon over the water and you could see the reflections off the breaking waves and the calm water of Sagami Bay behind it was glorious. I wish I could have taken a better picture.

0806 021.jpg 0806 025.jpg

Anyway, I dragged myself away at 8pm and was home by 10pm. Much better than sitting around at home all day. Hayama is so lovely.


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August 02, 2006

江ノ島花火大会・Enoshima Fireworks








2006 江ノ島花火大会


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