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July 17, 2006

猿島: 赤くなりました

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友達は毎年この週末にバーバーキュをします。(去年も行きました) 楽しました!いい食べ物を食べたり、ビールを飲んだり、喋ったりしました。およぎたかったけど、海がつっめたでした。みんなは日本人だから、たくさん日本語を話しました。よかったです、でも私は日本語をまだ話しやすないから、恥ずかしいです。(ともこ、春子:すみません)。



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Sarushima sunburn
I went back to Sarushima yesterday. Thank you Tomoko and Haruko for inviting me again...I really enjoyed it. The weather was cloudy, but I managed to get a nice sunburn. Ot is it a tan? I am not sure what to say in Japanese...in my dictionary, it says the same thing (hiyakesuru). Anyway...

There are still not any monkeys on monkey island, which I find very confusing. We did not do any exploring this time, so I cannot be sure.

We had some good food, a few drinks and I even swam a little, but the water was so cold, I did not stay in very long. It was refreshing, however. If you are an intense reader of this blog, you may remember that I did this last year. In fact, it was the very same barbecue, Tomoko, Haruko and their university friends go there every year on the sunday before Marine Day (海の日), followed by a trip to the Yokohama Sky Spa to clean up, and then to watch the Yokohama fireworks.

It was good fun and we chatted a lot, mostly in Japanese...a real test for me. After awhile, my brain switched off and I found it harder to concentrate. That is a little embarassing, but I will get better next time, I hope. And one of the guys I met is also a student at Nichibei in Yotsuya, which was a big surprise. We agreed that it is a good school, mostly because the teachers are very strict. And the child of one of the couples kept calling me "paaata", which we eventually figured out must mean Harry Potter. That is a first for me.

The spa was very cool - basically an onsen on the 14th floor of the Yokohama Sky Building. I bathed and went to the relaxation room and spent my time staring out the window thinking about nothing at all. Lovely!

And afterwards, we headed off to watch the fireworks, which were very close by. I love to watch the fireworks in Japan. It is usually very crowded, but it is a nice tradition. Many people go out wearing their yukata and kimono. Last night was no different and it makes Yokohama seem like a small town. Good fun.


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Posted by Kirk on July 17, 2006 03:16 PM