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July 01, 2006

Lovely Los Cabos

This is the entry I have been meaning to write all day, if only because the pictures are so amazing.

To celebrate my brother-in-law Roger's final trip as a pilot for Continental Airlines, we flew with him to Los Cabos, Mexico. There were 14 people altogether: family (Sandy, Roger, Terri, Kaitlyn and Diane), flight crew (Adrianne, Marcie, Gary, Coleman) and friends (Michael, Marcus, Craig and Theresa). It was awesome.

We spent 24 hours at the Grand Baja Resort in Los Cabos. The views from the room were excellent, as was the beach:

cabo 022.jpg cabo 026.JPG

It is off-season because it tends to get very hot (37C/100F), but it is a dry heat and there was plenty of water to swim in and plenty of drinks. I was drinking Coronas and I could not believe how fast they went down!

The margaritas deserve a special mention. They were very VERY strong and two or three of those were enough to knock you out. Quite a few people were on the margarita plan, which is why they are not too many more pictures published here - not sure I would ever get invited back if I published the family sleeping off their afternoon drinks in the convenient deck chairs surrounding the pool and restaurant!

Here are a few that are worthy. That is me and one of my Coronas on the left. That is my sister Terri and niece Kaitlyn on the right.

cabo 035.JPG cabo 038.JPG

Other things that come to mind:

* The Mega Mart - this is one of the coolest supermarkets I have ever been to (in every sense of the word). In addition to being fully air conditioned, it was HUGE and it seemed like there was everything you would need.

We went on the morning that we were leaving, which was too bad as we could have used another few beers when all the restaurants at the hotel closed at 11pm. Ooops. There was also a nice man that offered me $200 to sit through a 90-minute meeting on time shares. Ha ha - no way.

* The official photographer! That was Craig, mentioned above, who took some great pictures of the entire trip including flights back and forth. He also lived in Japan a while back and it was fun to compare notes on what we know of Tokyo. His wife Theresa took over official photography duties for awhile (someone was asleep), although we had a hard time figuring out the camera.

* The flight crew - All those stories about airline employees knowing how to party??? True. They were good fun and so easy to hang out with. And good sports the next day when they had to take care of us on the flight back, while we slept everything off. I felt so lazy. Ha!

* Marcus - He came with Gary and it turns out he is a maitre'd at Plataforma, a really good Brazilian restaurant in New York City. By some sort of karmic coincidence, that is where the family went for dinner the last time we were all in New York (two-three years ago). He also smoked, so we had some leverage against the non-smokers in the group. Well, until they all passed out, heh heh.

I would write more, but we basically drank a lot and spent the next day laying around until we had to fly back. I love that sort of holiday. Now that I am not longer employed (are you still reading this far? More on that later!), I should be doing things like that more often.

We are back in Easton, PA now and I will spend the weekend here before flying back to Japan. So, if you are in Tokyo - see you soon. It is time to explore the beaches there!

Posted by Kirk on July 1, 2006 12:12 PM


Los Cabos!! the place I should visit soon!!
see you soon @ Sarushima this weekend...

Posted by: haruko at July 12, 2006 04:57 PM