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June 22, 2006

Oh, this is difficult

Halftime for Ghana v the USA, with the Africans up 2-1. Ghana scored first on an impressive takeaway (enough to eventually take Reyna out of the game) and follow through. The US equalised just before half time with a nice breakaway by Beasley, who crossed to Dempsey who expertly guided it in. Best US goal of the tournament...anyone want to challenge me on that, heh heh.

But Ghana won a dubious penalty in injury time and converted to regain the lead. The US cannot get a break. It was a fair clearance by the defender, but Markus Merk seems determined to send the US home. If the US is to earn a place in the next round, they need to overcome dodgy descisions like this. It still hurts.

Meanwhile, Italy are up 1-0 and have a man advantage over the Czechs, who had a man sent off just before the break. They look like they are on their way out. Just the result the US would like to see...if they were winning. But, unlike the Czech game, I believe the US has the potential to pull this one out.

Posted by Kirk on June 22, 2006 11:53 PM