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June 19, 2006

Japan 0 Croatia 0

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A bit frustrating...

Japan played very well in most respects - certainly they were a stronger team than the one that faced Australia. But they needed a win, and they did not get it.

The highpoint of the game has to be Kawaguchi's save of the penalty kick. The foul seemed dubious (sorry - hometeam bias), but they were not hurt by it. Although the momentum changed, it was not enough.

Japan needs a real striker. I wonder if Jico, I mean Zico, is re-thinking his decision to leave Kubo in Japan. They looked most dangerous when shooting from outside the box, but whenever Japan had anyone crossing in there was not much to get excited about.

Yanasigawa could have been the hero for Japan, but at one point he tapped a weak roller to the keeper when ANYTHING further left (maybe ten metres of open goal (is there that much? it seemed like it-)) would have hit the back of the net. Like I said - where were the real strikers?

Having said all that, it WAS an exciting match and well worth watching.

As for venues - we ended up at Amaris in the basement of the Roi Building. Y2,000 cover (includes one drink) and it was really good - plenty of TVs and plenty of seats - they seem to have the formula worked out - it was crowded, but not over the top.

We started at Paddy Foley's next door, but it was a magnet for anyone walking by and there were a surprising amount of tall people that either stood between me and the TV or me and the beer line. Where did they come from and why do they only come out during the world cup???

Hobgoblin gets a big thumbs down for saying the Akasaka branch would be open tonight. It is on their super fancy (and, apparently, super unreliable) schedule that Akasaka would be open for the Japan match, so I thought it would be OK. I even called the Roppongi bar this afternoon to confirm and they said yes (daijobou). But we went by at 830pm and it was closed. Maybe they figured it would be a draw anyway?

Good night out, disapponting result.

Brazil v Australia starts now. A lot less pressure on the latter now.

Posted by Kirk on June 19, 2006 12:43 AM


So if Japan beat Brazil, do they go through? or does somebody need to lose their game aswell, or does japan need to win by a certain amount of goals etc? has anyone worked it out yet? :)

Posted by: Nick at June 19, 2006 01:55 AM