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June 04, 2006

I hate crows

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crow.jpg Why can't crows take Sunday off? I do not like them. They are big, ugly and make a mess by tearing open garbage bags on the street. Did I mention they are loud? Despite all that, I usually do not pay them much attention other than a silent curse when I see them.

I was out for a walk this morning when a crow swooped down on a girl walking in front of me. I had almost reached her so when it flew by I also ducked. She must have thought I was a bit strange for about a second, but she rightly hurried off.

My initial reaction was that the crow must have its nest nearby, because they have been known to attack people when the think the nest is threatened. Then I thought if that is true I should see where that crow went because it might attack again.

Because it was first thing in the morning all that thinking took longer than it should, which is annoying as the damn thing did swoop down on me me next. No contact, but it did wake me up a bit.

I hate crows.

Picture from Japundit.com

Posted by Kirk on June 4, 2006 10:00 AM


Yes, Japanese crows are scary.....but I have a few nice pics of them ! ;0))
Are you living in Tokyo actualy ?

Posted by: Flo at June 6, 2006 06:06 PM