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June 13, 2006

Australia 3 Japan 1

Hmmmm - you cannot be happy if you are supporting Japan (which I am). Nevermind the pain of losing...having it happen in such a dramatic fashion in the last ten minutes has to really hurt.

But Japan did not deserve to win. They were thouroughly outplayed by Australia. Their opening goal was one of the dodgiest I have seen. It reminded me of Ronaldinho's goal against England in 2002...did he really hit it expecting it would go in?

Japan's problem is that they cannot score. They left their best striker in Japan and their best midfielder on the bench for the first 80 minutes. Maybe Japan's problem is Jico. I mean Zico. Not that it matters now...this was a must-win game. Japan has two matches left and little chance to win. Considering how quickly they deflated after conceding the first goal, there is no realistic chance they will advance.

Not that Australia is covered in glory. There was some pre-match controversy over comments from the Japan Football Association that the Australians were playing dirty football. Whilst they played well enough to win, it was ugly: Australia committed 23 fouls comapred to 11 for Japan...an idea reinforced by the muppet at the bar that chose to dance in front of the screen when Australia scored. I doubt he will dancing when they face Brazil.

To be fair, this was the most exciting match of the tournament so far. Both teams (alright...Australia) played a full 90 minutes in contrast to England (four minutes) and Holland (18 minutes?).

Next up is the USA vs Czech Republic...1am start. It is 12:21 now and I am absolutely exhausted. What to do...

Posted by Kirk on June 13, 2006 12:05 AM


domestic productivity will be 5% lower today

Posted by: Ryo at June 13, 2006 08:44 AM