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June 26, 2006

A tour of the Pacific...

I am on my way to the US. Does that seem strange? You would expect me to write “I am going to the US” or “I came to the US”…there is not really much opportunity to update the blog en-route, right?

If you are flying to Newark via Guam and Honolulu, however, there is plenty of time. I could go into to the whole long story (I will later). For now, it is enough to say that I am traveling on a free ticket and sometimes you have to compromise. So, here I am at 3am at the airport in Guam, the surprisingly busy airport in Guam, updating you on my travels.


I left home at 3pm (Sunday) and headed over to Tokyo Station. After a quick stop at Maruzen (the best bookstore in Tokyo), I caught the 4pm train to Nagoya. Total trip time from my house to Nagoya Airport was just over three hours, including the bookstore. Considering it can take two hours to get to Narita sometimes, this is really not bad at all. And the airport is SO MUCH NICER than Narita. It helps that it is newer. And empty. It would have been nice to have some options for dinner, but then again I could probably do without an extra meal every now and then. In any case, here are some pictures that I took by the gate…8pm on Sunday night and no one around at all.

0606 070.jpg 0606 071.jpg

An extra bonus: complementary upgrade to first class. My sister said that would happen. She is brilliant. She is also the one that sent me on this mad trek across the Pacific, so it balances out.


The flight landed at 1230am and the airport was empty. I think the people in passport control and customs were actually happy to see me as it gave them something to do. I wandered around the public areas for awhile, searching in vain for a newsstand or coffee shop, but there was nothing open. Considering my connecting flight leaves at 6am, this was not a good development. But one of the workers assured me that the shops on the other side of security were open. And they were (are). There are flights leaving all night, so the food court and duty free are all open.

And there are lots of tourists groups moving in and out of the airport. At 1am it was absolutely quiet, but some flights have come in and others are leaving so the place is picking up. As far as I can tell, you can buy a drink anytime (usually bars close at 1-2am in the US and this is a US territory), which is a pleasant surprise. Well, almost pleasant as I told myself I would not have any drinks. It is nice to know I could, however.

I bought a few t-shirts in duty free, more to kill time than anything else. Talk about a captive audience! Here are a couple of pictures from where I have parked myself in the food court. The restaurant I am sitting in front of us is called “Big Nama”, referring to draft beer and kind of a kitschy take off on Japanese drinking bars. Lovely.

0606 072.jpg 0606 074.jpg

Posted by Kirk on June 26, 2006 03:06 AM