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May 27, 2006

Sorry - long overdue

I have been lazy about the blog recently! Sorry. Here is a little bit aboutt what I have been doing over the last ten days.

Last weekend in Kamakura
It is a rainy Saturday today, so it is a good time to catch up on things. Last weekend, I went to Kamakura - this time on the temple side. It was a beautiful day (in stark contrast to today) and that made it very nice to be outside.

The picture on the left is me at one of the temples - I do not remember which one and I am too lazy to look it up! I am not extra shiny - there was some moisture on the lens and all my pictures had a distortion in that area. Well, almost...the one on the right is inside a small cave at the same temple.

0506 108.jpg 0506 103.jpg

I really like Kamakura - it is always a bit cooler there and there are so many places to explore. It was a fun day.

Lots of sayonara parties
Last week, we took out Kaz to celebrate his last day at work. He is one of the first people I met in Japan and we have worked together for six years. It is kind of a shock to see him go, but he is moving on to better things, I think.

I did not take my camera, which is why there are no pictures. And that is probably a good thing. The party was on Thursday night and I had a hard time on Friday morning. I am getting out of practice, maybe?

And last night, we had a sayonara party for Aya. She is leaving the company because her husband is working in Fukuoaka for the next 18 months. She is another person who I have known for all of my time in Japan, and although I did not work with her directly for awhile, it is hard to imagine the office without her there. We stayed out until 1am to wish her well - we may have overdone it as she left around 1030pm.

There have been sayonara parties every week this year and every week there are fewer people in the office that I know. It is a bit creepy.

My baseball curse continues
What is it about me and baseball in Japan? Kaz and I decided we would go to a game on Wednesday, but that coincided with a fairly big storm and the game was cancelled. Something like this seems to happen whenever I make a plan.

We had planned to see the Yakult Swallows play Rakuten at Jingu Stadium, which is super close to my house. Our other plan is to go see Chiba Lotte Marines at Marino Stadium in Chiba. Considering the weather, maybe we should have tried to watch the Giants play at Tokyo Dome...

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