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May 09, 2006

Japan 1 Bulgaria 2

I haven't written about sports recently, so I thought I would take the opportunity to do that while watching Japan play Bulgaria in a pre-World Cup friendly.

It has to be a disapponting match for Japan in some respects. A little confusion early on and they were down 0-1 before two minutes had passed. For most of the rest of the match they were very aggressive and it seemed they spent most of the match in the Bulgarian half of the pitch. Eventually they equalised, although it seems to have been more accidental than anything.

And all was well until Bulgaria scored again from a free kick with less than ten minutes left. Oops. It was so late in the match that I had already started to write this. Japan seemed to have problems with finishing but I would not read too much into it as the Europe-based players did not participate.

It was very exciting. Scotland is next up on Saturday, which should be an interesting match. At least until the FA Cup final starts.

I thought I would use the match as an opportunity to improve my Japanese language listening skills, but I am crap at listening in any language and I was trying to do my homework at the same time, so I doubt I have made any improvement. Ugh.

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