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April 05, 2006

Miyajima - one of the three most beautiful views in Japan

I am in Miyakjma now, which is just outside Hiroshima and about 600 miles from Tokyo. I took an early train from Tokyo (733am!) so I had all afternoon to look around. It is amazing here. So much that I took 170 pictures. As a result, it will take me awhile to go through all of them, including some prime photos from the monkey park at the top of the mountain (can't swing a cat in Japan without hitting one of these apparently).

I did not think I would have access to the Internet, but there is a free wi-fi hotspot in my ryokan for some reason - very weird as they have a fixed-line connection you can pay to use. Anyway, I should make this quick in case they catch on.

I thought these would be a good start, however. This is O-Torii gate and since every advertisement for Miyajima has a picture of this, I thought I would show you some of mine. I took the first one from the ferry on the way to the island (about 1pm)...the second one, I took at 6pm. Notice that the tide has gone out so much that you can walk up to it. Which I did...very cool.

hiro 017.JPG hiro 133.jpg

I will post some more pictures tomorrow when I get to Hiroshima, including monkeys and more cherry blossoms.

Posted by Kirk on April 5, 2006 08:54 PM