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April 07, 2006

A quiet, relaxing break

I tried to get an Internet connection in Hiroshima, but there was not one available when I turned my computer on so I gave up. I have tons of pictures and lots to talk about, but I will stick to the highlights for now and take care of the detail work later.

Miyajima is really, really cool. I stayed on Wednesday night and spent that afternoon and Thursday morning sight-seeing. Among the highlights...The monkey park at Mt. Misen, including this happy monkey and some good advice for monkey watchers.

hiro 102.jpg hiro 098.jpg

And more photos of the islands' attractions, including the five-story pagoda and another pagoda, cherry blossoms and O-Torii Gate.

hiro 206.JPG hiro 269.JPG

I also need to show two of my favourite places in Miyajima...first, my single room at the ryokan (more on that later) and a small restaurant in the hills above town (yep...more on that later).

hiro 183.jpg hiro 231.jpg

I better go edit some photos...

Posted by Kirk on April 7, 2006 04:40 PM