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March 10, 2006

Yuzawa Kogen Ski Resort

I am back in Tokyo now...whew. It only took 66 minutes on the train and I slept most of the way. What a shock: I left cold weather and snow on the ground and returned to...cold weather and rain.

Anyway, yesterday I went up to Yuzawa Kogen Ski Resort. It is amazing how easy it is to get around that town, probably because there is nothing else there. I walked about 0.5km, bought a ticket on the gondola and off I went.

It was beautiful as you can see...here are some pictures. Looking at them now, I cannot believe I was just there 90 minutes ago!

hh 042.JPG hh 046.jpg

This last picture is taken from the gondola station at the top, looking down on Echigo Yuzawa and the rest of the valley. The buildings towards the bottom are the town itself - there are other ski resorts as you move down the valley.

hh 055.JPG

It was not v0055.JPG">hh 055.JPG

It was not very crowded on Wednesday and Thursday, but this morning was crazy. I could not believe how many people got off the train between 7-8am...that was by far the busiest time of the whole trip. I am not sure I was ready to come back...then again with a 140 minute round trip, there is no reason I can't get back there soon.

Posted by Kirk on March 10, 2006 10:29 AM