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March 09, 2006

Hatago Isen - Echigo Yuzawa

This is where I am staying during my few days in Echigo Yuzawa. It is called Hatago Isen and it is a fantastically good ryokan (Japanese inn). They renovated the place in October and it is really impressive.

You can see the entrance in the picture below along with a shot of my room.

hh 016.jpg hh 009.jpg

The baths are on the top floor of the building and look out at the mountains across the valley. The only possible downside to the place is that the train station is right across the street (then again, it makes it easy to find!), which you see when you stand up in the bath.

There is also a very good kissaten in the lobby - the coffee is excellent. When I got here yesterday, I walked around trying to find a coffee place before I checked in...I felt slightly ridiculous when I finally entered the ryokan and realised the best coffee in town was at the place I was staying. Ooops.

I should thank the people at We Love Snow, who have put together a website that makes travel to Echigo Yuzawa very easy for foreigners that do not speak Japanese. Hmmm - wonder what their neighbours think about that. In any case, that is how I found this place and why I decided to spend a few days here. (if you ever see this...thanks!)

I took some pictures from the mountain - will post those later.

Posted by Kirk on March 9, 2006 05:50 PM


hi there: glad that you liked Hatago Isen - we did see your blog entry [in the end!]. kind regards, neil [welovesnow.com]

Posted by: neil at July 3, 2006 05:10 PM