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March 08, 2006

Echigo Yuzawa

How is this for a change? I am in Echigo Yuzawa for a few days. I arrived this afternoon, escaping the warm weather in Tokyo just in time.

It must have been 16 degrees when I left there - So, I suffered through a miserable week in London and ten days of terrible weather in Tokyo, only to run off to the mountains at the first sign of any decent weather? Well, I booked in advance and bad timing is the story of my life.

In any case, it is nice up here...cold, but it is supposed to be. And very relaxing. I checked into the hotel around 4pm, took a bath, and sat in the coffee shop downstairs and read my book. It is very quiet and calm. In fact, I am torn between reading some more or watching a DVD now...exciting life, right?

But it is very good to get away from Tokyo for a few days so I can get my head on straight. I am here until Friday - let's hope I can do it by then.

Here are a few pictures of Echigo Yuzawa that I took when I got off the train. The first one shows the mountains behind the town - these are bunny slopes for kids to practice skiing on. The second is a giant snowman...and, no, I did not make it. That big concrete thing in the background is the tracks for the bullet train (shinkansen). Did you know it only takes 77 minutes to get here from Tokyo? Amazing!

hh 005.jpg hh 008.jpg

I will put some pictures of the ryokan I am staying at along with an Internet link tomorrow. This is a fantastic place and I want you to be jealous.

Posted by Kirk on March 8, 2006 08:04 PM