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February 26, 2006

Two great London pubs

I told you I would write about this! I went out with Glenn for my last night out in London. We met up at De Hems on Macclesfield Street, a Dutch pub snuggled in between Soho and Chinatown. Probably, this is a great pub if you are Dutch - it is simply excellent otherwise with good beer like Oranjeboom and Grolsch on tap. In the summer, the front windows are open and there is lots of room out front, but even in winter it was a good place to start the evening.

Despite a good bar menu, after a few (3?) pints, we popped into a casual Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown for a bite to eat. The menu looked suspiciously Chinese, but the waiter assured us the cook was Vietnamese and that the food, therefore, was Vietnamese. It is hard to argue with logic like that. In any case, it was filling, which is all we needed.

We finished the night at Dover Castle, which is on Weymouth Mews in between Marylebone High Street and Oxford Circus. As should be expected, the beer was very good (I guess you should assume if I write about it, this is likely the case) and very cozy. It felt more like a country pub, although I am not sure whether that is because it was tucked away on a mews with little outside traffic, that there was not a truly level surface in the place, or that there was an odd mix of people.

The worst part about the last pub is that it was a three-minute walk to my hotel, which is good...but why did I have to find it on my LAST night in town?

By the way, the picture and the links are from www.fancyapint.com, which is a highly recommended starting point if you are at a loss on where to do your London drinking.

Posted by Kirk on February 26, 2006 05:51 PM