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January 01, 2006

Year of the Dog

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Happy new year!

I thought I would try something different and stay in this year. No parties, bars, or even champagne at home. Of course, it was not that much of a change, because I did the same last year. It did not help that the tentative plan I had fell through at the last minute.

Anyway, the real holiday started last night as over the next three days over 100 million Japanese will go to their local shrines and pray for good luck in the new year. I will go to Hie Jinja, which is five minutes away, at some point. I really like shrines at this time of year, so that should be good.

I also have a few days to turn the vague thoughts of self improvement over the last twelve months into specific goals (actions). I am not a big believer in resolutions for the new year - usually by February, these good intentions have fallen by the wayside. But maybe a month of eating better, drinking less and exercising is better than none at all!

This is the year of the dog...and I have always liked dogs, so maybe this will be a good year for me. As always, you can read all about it here. Happy new year and best wishes for 2006


Posted by Kirk on January 1, 2006 10:55 AM