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January 30, 2006

Almost six years and I still see things that blow my mind

I saw a strange thing tonight. I was on my way home after attending some work-related event at Roppongi Hills. This took me along Roppongi Dori around 930pm. It is Monday night, but the street was fairly crowded as it usually is.

Anyway, I end up walking slightly behind this woman pushing a baby stroller. She is in a hurry. When I look over at her, I realise she is very young and my first reaction is she could not be more than fifteen or sixteen. Of course, lots of expats have a hard time with guessing ages here (it is usually a good policy is to not even try).

Unencumbered by a baby stroller, I soon passed by the woman despite her obvious rush. I glanced over at the baby as I moved forward and that was when I almost fell over/ran into someone etc.

Because it wasn't a baby. It was a baby-sized Hello Kitty doll.

Posted by Kirk on January 30, 2006 11:53 PM