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December 14, 2005

Oslo...for now

I spent the day in Oslo, well at least part of it. Actually, I had to fly out at 7am from London, which meant leaving the hotel at 530am. Normally that would be a problem, but jet lag is working in my favor, so I was up at 415am after going to bed at 8pm the night before. That is pretty scary...

Even worse, I am on my way to Amsterdam now, which means I will have spent more time at airports and on airplanes that in Oslo itself. That is not really the ideal situation.

But it was quality time. The weather is not too bad (-4C...everyone keeps saying that is warm!) and there is some snow on the ground, so it is all very pretty. Here are a few pictures of the main shopping street - with only five hours on the ground here, there was not time for much else.

x 012.jpg x 013.jpg

Posted by Kirk on December 14, 2005 12:33 AM