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December 15, 2005

Amsterdam to start, and arrival in Brussels

We spent the day driving around the Netherlands. I put Amsterdam in the title, but we actually shuffled back and forth between Den Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. One of the pictures below is taken in Amsterdam Port and will always be memorable to me for being very cold. And for having lots of shoe stores (long story). The other is taken on the road from Den Hague to Brussels, which is where I am now.

x 018.jpg x 019.jpg

The latter took about three and a half hours - this another part of the world where there are too many cars and too few roads, or both. Throw in a few accidents and Christmas celebrations in the center of Brussels and a barely tolerable drive turns into a marathon of monotony.

But it is good to be here. The aforementioned celebrations are excellent. The main square is chock full of old buildings with plenty of restaurants and bars. And there are some impressive Christmas tree displays and they lit up the old cathedral with a light show that was fun to watch. As always, my photography skills were not up to the task, so you have to take my word for it. But, I wouldn't mind having a day off to spend here (that is a subtle hint that this is indeed a working trip). In fact, we have a full slate of meetings before I head off to Germany tomorrow to finish the week.

Suprisingly, one of my colleagues Yoko is in holiday in Germany now, but it looks like we will miss each other. (Yoko, if you are reading this...it is all poor planning on your part).

Posted by Kirk on December 15, 2005 06:59 AM