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November 27, 2005

The amazing Kobayashi does it again

I knew he was the hot dog and dumpling eating champion, but now I see that he is the mini-hamburger eating champion too. Takeru Kobayashi ate 67 hamburgers in eight minutes to retain the title in Chatanooga, Tennesse last week.

I wondered how he was able to do all this and not gain weight, but that is the wrong question because he says he has put on 20 pounds (8kg) in the last year. No surprises there.

I learned a few things more this time. First, that there is decent money involved (how won $10,000!), although I suppose a lot of that is eaten up (no pun intended) by travel costs. Second, that there is a International Federation of Competitive Eating. No idea how that one came about.

Posted by Kirk on November 27, 2005 09:07 AM