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November 12, 2005

Shinjuku at dusk

I spent a few hours in Shinjuku today. I didn't actually get around to what I had went there for, but I was able to spend some quality time in Kinokuniya's DVD shop looking for old Japanese movies (might work out better if I knew how to read) and got this decent dusky picture of the Sakuraya Camera shop near Shinjuku sanchome.

13nov 013.jpg

It was a bit cold today, but very clear...I love days like this, especially because the forecast was for rain. This is a major reason why I like Japan in winter (I am not saying it is as nice as a warm day on a tropical beach...but you get the idea). I took this picture from my balcony. It is a fab view if you like buildings.

13nov 002.jpg

Posted by Kirk on November 12, 2005 05:41 PM


Looks a bit crowded..... Especially compared to my town.

Posted by: Terri at November 16, 2005 05:34 AM

Hi there, i'm french and i found randomly your blog about a month ago. It's a real great blog with usefull informations and great pictures.
These photos here are just amazing, i wonder if you could shoot tokyo from a skyscrapper because you know in france we don't have any :(
Well, go on doing such a good job, "continues comme ça" ;)

Posted by: yacine from france at November 16, 2005 06:13 AM