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November 11, 2005

Kamiya Bar - Asakusa

I have added some pictures in the photo album. Go here and click on nightlife.

We tried a different night out for a change, heading to Asakusa for dinner and drinks. Our first stop was the famous Kamiya Bar at Asakusa 1-1-1. Here are some representative photos...

a 061.jpg kamiya29.jpg

The Kamiya Bar has been there for over one hundred years and I read that it was the first Western-style Bar in Tokyo (not sure about that, but read on). Besides its great location (for Asakusa, not for people coming from Roppongi/Akasaka), it is best known for its signature drink, Denki Bran (that is what you see on the right above).

What I found out the morning after is that this is a mix of gin, rum and brandy with some herbs thrown in. If I had known that before, I might not have been so eager to keep ordering them!

But that is what we did.

The bar itself looks like a cafeteria and you had to buy tickets for your first order at the register. And the place was well-lit...this is where I am at odds with the Western-style comments above.

As pictures are worth a thousand words, I will let them tell the story. That is Chiaki, Yoko and Ikuko in the first picture. Yoko has bought a digital camera, but she uses it as a weapon waiting for people (me) to do something embarassing and recording it for posterity. I do not like the competition. The next picture is Take and Wataru enjoying some of that fine Denki Bran. After that, an idealised view of the bar with the boys in front.

kamiya22.jpg kamiya56.jpg kamiya252.jpg

We actually arrived in three groups. The first six of us were the early birds and we built up a substantial (and insurmountable) head start in drinking. Jan (that is him below in the new advertising campaign we designed), Mineka and Michika arrived later, and Tomoko and Nuala were so late they mismpaign we designed), Mineka and Michika arrived later, and Tomoko and Nuala were so late they missed last call!

Of course, that meant another bar so that their trip to Asakusa was not in vain. I am not sure what that place was, but it did have a food vendor in front, which seemed pretty cool...that's Chiaki and Ikuko taking advantage.

kamiya48.jpg kamiya51.jpg a 062.jpg

It was a fantastically good night. I even slept on the train on the way home!

Posted by Kirk on November 11, 2005 08:24 AM