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November 23, 2005

Kagurazaka rocks!

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I added a few pictures to the photo gallery. Click here (nightlife) to see them.

On Monday night, a few of us headed off to Kagurazaka for dinner and drinks. For those of you who are familiar with Tokyo, you will know that this area is well known for its concentration of good bars and restaurants. We had a fantastic dinner and ended the night at a super cool bar. In between, there was an expensive disappointment. All-in-all, it was a really good night.

We started off at Seigetsu, a sake bar/izakaya just off the main street. The food was superb, although we did not try the sake (I foolishly thought I would be taking it easy - more on that later). Plus, it is a very nice setting with semi private rooms so you are not distracted by the other guests. Unless they are loudly yelling "ROPPONGI!" or "AKASAKA".

We actually had dinner twice as our first group (me, Yoko, wataru and Markus) had finished by the time the second group (Jan and Masa) had arrived. After that, we decided to check out Nonki, which had a nice picture on their website and I had seen a decent review of it on the Internet. I am not going to link to either, because you might be fooled like we were. I am tempted to find the blog of the guy who said it was good and let him know what a complete idiot he must be, but I should have known better. We spent Y12,000 for six drinks and some dodgy snack food. And it was cold and a little musty. We all told ourselves it was a good experience, but than we quickly moved on.

We finished the evening off at Tagore (ターゴル) on Kagurazaka near Iidabashi station. How cool is this place? Well, there was a giant monkey mural in front (!), big comfortable tables inside (!!) and they also have Denki Bran (!!!). I was quite happy...at least until Tuesday morning when I had to ask myself why I was waking up to go to work with a Denki Bran hangover for the second time in two weeks.

That is us in front of Tagore Bar below (except Yoko...she was taking the picture). On the right...the entrance to Seigetsu.

c 014.jpg kag3.jpg

Kagurazaka is on my list of cool places to go...I hope we get back there soon. And I hope if I drink Denki Bran it is not on a weekday night.

Posted by Kirk on November 23, 2005 11:54 AM